Meet your account holders where they are and accomplish more, faster.

Use Larky today to:
  • Increase deposits by offering unique incentives that are timely and relevant
  • Stop fraud events & educate account holders of new and emerging scams
  • Boost card usage and ensure activation in the critical 45 day window
  • Quickly promote new financial products and services
  • Drive loan volume by becoming top of mind at the time of purchase

Larky unlocks the barrier between you & your account holders

Increase Deposits

Stop Fraud Events

Drive Loans

Don't just take our word for it

Increase Deposits
Stop Fraud Events
Boost Card Usage

Amplify everything you want to accomplish with secure messages account holders can trust

Amplify your results

Struggle with the adoption of new services like Autobooks, Changed or Greenpath? Implement Larky first and ensure you achieve the results you need

Send trusted messages

Unlike text messages or email, push notifications are nearly impossible to spoof and ensure that your account holders can trust the information they see

Attract new deposits

Attracting deposits in this interest rate environment is no small task. Easily reach your members with promotions to your new CD rates or direct deposit bonuses

Increase Card Usage

Easily gain mobile card adoption & stay top of wallet as your account holders add your card to apple & google pay for all their digital transactions

Introduce Timely Loans

Have account holders who are applying for an auto loan and want to remind them of alternative financing options while their at the car dealership? Done!

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How we stack up vs. traditional marketing

Designed to streamline and expedite campaign success, Larky offers a stark contrast to conventional marketing methods. The illustration below details a real case study with one of our clients, MSU Federal Credit Union, showcasing how by using Larky's platform they achieved substantially superior campaign results in a fraction of the time of traditional methods!
Our Clients and Partners:

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