Push notifications — for more than just account balance.

Lock screen notifications can boost app engagements by up to 88% — that’s why so many financial institutions use them to alert users of a low account balance. But what if we leveraged the power of mobile push notifications to engage with your account holders?

Write, push, repeat.

The average person receives 121 emails every work day, but only receives three marketing push notifications. We help your financial institution capitalize on the opportunity of mobile push notifications by:

  • Delivering turnkey campaigns to select audiences. Send a location-based notification for an auto loan promotion during a trip to the dealership, a home equity line of credit while visiting the hardware store, or alerts about bank closures and community days.
  • Guiding users to your financial institution’s offerings. Alert account holders about your app’s functionalities, such as sending money to friends, depositing checks remotely, or utilizing a “buy now, pay later” feature. Utilize actionable deep linking to take users outside your app and on to a landing page.
  • Gaining access to analytics and testing. Use exportable, user-level data to see how your campaigns are performing, and use that information to revise your campaigns on the fly.
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Why lock screen notifications?

Almost 100%

Of all Smartphone users say they have their phones within reach 24/7

Nearly 200%

Amount you can increase your 90-day app retention if you start using push notifications today


Average open rate for mobile push notifications

With Larky, you have a partner.

Larky is not just for financial institutions — it’s for software partners, too. At Larky, we take pride in being accessible and cooperative with technology teams, and maintain lasting partnerships with them.

  • Technology partners have the opportunity to provide high-impact new functionality to clients in days.
  • Nudge® drives engagement with account holders, as well as use of your mobile banking platform.
  • We've got it from here! Larky Nudge®'s ongoing product evolution doesn't need any resources from your organization.
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Meet your marketing goals once and for all.


The average American checks their phone 96 times per day.


App push notifications reached their highest average open rate in four years in 2020.


54% of people who click on a segmented push notification will convert.


Chief People and Strategy Officer, Canvas Credit Union
Tansley Stearns

Chief People and Strategy Officer, Canvas Credit Union

People do not always think of credit unions as having the most robust digital experience and this helps to shift that perception in a way that drives value.

Product Management & Strategic Partnerships, Lumin Digital
Cortez Adams

Product Management & Strategic Partnerships, Lumin Digital

We're pleased to partner with Larky to help credit unions proactively connect with their members. The Larky platform is a powerful tool that helps power one-to-one communications with credit union members.

Founder, Malauzai Software
Tom Shen

Founder, Malauzai Software

Larky's unique ability to communicate the right message at the right time is powerful.

AVP Digital Strategy and Innovation, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union
Ben Maxim

AVP Digital Strategy and Innovation, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

Nudge® offers endless possibilities to connect members to our products and services in the moment and place that they need them.

President and CEO, United Teletech Financial Federal Credit Union
Leo Ardine

President and CEO, United Teletech Financial Federal Credit Union

We like having the ability to communicate with our account holders proactively through the platform.

Clients & Partners include...

Clients & Partners include...

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