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your account holders,
one notification at a time.

Setup mobile notification campaigns in minutes, connect with your account holders in seconds and instantly grow your revenue with 7x better results than traditional marketing methods.

  • Quickly promote new financial products and services
  • Inform account holders of important operational messages & fraud alerts
  • Better engage with your community differentiating you from the "big four" banks

Clients & Partners include...

Our Clients and Partners:

Drive engagement with every push

The efficiency and impact of traditional marketing methods, particularly email, are waning.

The bombardment of messages that individuals face daily has led to a landscape where engagement is challenging and, often, messages are overlooked or lost in the noise. For financial institutions, this presents a critical challenge: how to reach and resonate with account holders in ways that are both meaningful and timely, while navigating the cluttered and often impersonal digital space.

The nudge® platform by Larky is ingeniously designed to address this pervasive issue.

The nudge® platform serves as a conduit for real-time, location-based push notifications, tailored to the distinct needs and behaviors of each account holder. It is not just about delivering messages but ensuring they are relevant, timely, and actionable. Every notification becomes an opportunity for engagement, every message a step closer to enhanced account holder loyalty and satisfaction. In the quest for meaningful engagement, Larky becomes your  partner, ready to navigate the evolving digital terrain alongside you.

Empowering Connections:

Geo-targeting ensures your message is delivered at exactly the right time

Larky's geo-targeting triggers deliver communications at optimal times and locations, enhancing message relevance and engagement

AI-driven insights makes crafting your message a breeze

Larky's machine learning technology simplifies content creation by offering insights for personalized and effective account holder communications

Start today with our seamless integration into your existing mobile app

Larky integrates smoothly with existing mobile apps, enabling immediate enhancement of account holder engagement without disruptions

Unlock Enhanced Engagement:
Discover Larky's Key Features

The Larky nudge platform includes all of the following features:

  • Branded Push Notifications: Elevate your brand’s visibility with custom notifications, tailored to match your aesthetic and voice
  • Campaign Scheduling: Optimize engagement by planning and scheduling campaigns in advance
  • Scheduled Nudges: Deliver personalized experiences by targeting specific user segments with tailored content
  • Geotargeting Triggers: Enhance message precision by delivering notifications based on users’ real-time locations
  • Secure Messaging: Keep your account holder's private information safe in your hands with the highest levels of security
  • Comprehensive Support: Our team offers robust documentation, live assistance, a partner support portal to serve you best
  • Nudge Analytics: Gain actionable insights with detailed analytics, empowering informed decisions and refined strategies
  • Larky's nudge score: Use AI to predict how a new push notification message will perform making it easy to draft a new nudge
  • Seemless Integrations: Enhance operational efficiency with easy integration into existing systems
  • SOC 2 Compliant: Trust in a platform that adheres to industry standards, ensuring security and privacy in every interaction

Don't just take our word for it.

“City & County was really lacking a way to get in front of our members real time. And now that we're implemented, it couldn't have been any easier. The results speak for themselves and the tool speaks for itself.”
Bailey Germain, VP of Marketing
City & County Credit Union
“Larky's unique ability to communicate the right message at the right time is powerful.”
Tom Shen, Founder
Malauzal Software

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