One-to-One Communication

nudge® empowers financial institutions to connect with account holders at the right place and time using lock-screen notifications.
Now available for any mobile banking app.


Let your audience know when you have an event, a celebration, or critical information to share. Connect with the next generation of your audience outside the branch.



Now that you have engagement, promote products and services to key audience segments at the time and place when your offerings are most relevant.



Operationalize promotions for multiple loan products and review your success on our real-time analytics dashboard.


Financial institutions in 26 US states and 3 Canadian provinces use our technology to:

  • Promote auto loans when a consumer is at a car dealer
  • Remind audiences of a nearby perk, benefit, or discount
  • Promote mortgage products when a consumer visits an open house
  • Increase debit/credit card usage
  • Measure customer satisfaction via mobile surveys
  • Plan new branch locations, and more

Clients & Partners include...

Integration is a breeze.

Efficiently bundle   

Our simple-to-implement code library takes less than one day for one developer to bundle into any iOS or Android mobile banking app.

Machine learning   

Once bundled, our toolkit provides the power to gather actionable data about geospatial behaviors and to serve right place/right time notifications to a targeted audience segment.
Louise Hilliard, Goldenwest Credit Union

“We’ve focused on promoting auto and home insurance applications using mobile messaging through the app, and the effort is working.”

-- Louise Hilliard, SVP Payment Services, Goldenwest Credit Union

Ready to send targeted geo-notifications?

Bundle our proven geo-notification mobile messaging technology by integrating the easy-to implement code library into your apps.