Stay top of mind and keep engaging with your existing Mahalo Banking

Larky delivers customized push notifications at the right time and place so you can stay top of mind as account holders continue their financial journey. It’s all done through your existing Mahalo Banking platform and your mobile banking app.

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CTRs that are 7x higher than email

Larky delivers 7x higher engagement than traditional marketing channels, such as email or direct marketing. And since we’re already integrated within the Mahalo mobile banking platform, it’s never been easier to get started. 

Why lock screen notifications?

Segmented push notifications that drive engagement

Grow sales of products and services while creating meaningful, lasting relationships using the power of targeted push notifications.

Safer than SMS messages

Instead of SMS text messages, which can easily be spoofed and contain malicious links, push notifications come directly from your mobile banking app, so your account holders know it’s you and no one else.

Pre-built messaging at your fingertips

Choose from a library of common marketing and sales objectives including auto loans, eStatement adoption, credit limit increases and more. Customize the messaging to fit your objectives, or use what’s at hand to simply set it and forget it.

Ready to connect with your users?

It only takes a day to implement our code library and start seeing spikes in engagements on your mobile banking app. Connect with our team to get started.

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