Making the case for mobile push notifications for financial institutions

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May 23, 2022


Carrie Shunia

According to a Gallup study, retail banking customers who are fully engaged bring 37 percent more annual revenue to their primary bank than actively disengaged customers. It’s no wonder then that banks and credit unions are working hard to improve and increase overall customer and member engagement. It not only helps them grow revenue – happy people are more likely to purchase additional products or recommend their bank or credit union to their friends and neighbors – but fosters lasting relationships with their account holders.

That said, it’s time to meet your account holders where they are and engage with them on the channels they use – primarily mobile devices and digital communication tools (email, social media, etc.) If your organization is still relying on in-person interactions at the local branch to drive consumer satisfaction, it’s time to add some digital weapons to your arsenal in the form of mobile messaging. Below are some use cases you can use to drive engagement to help you get started.

Mobile push notification examples

One reason mobile push notifications are a great way to increase engagement is because nearly everyone has a smartphone and has done some kind of mobile baking. So push notifications – the brief messages that pop up from an app on your phone’s lock screen -- are an easy way to keep mobile banking app users engaged and ensure you stay top of mind as they go about their day.

Financial institutions can enable notifications in a wide variety of areas, and your organization can set up helpful messages based on specific criteria about customers or members. Here are a few examples:

•  Transaction and application status notifications: Deliver smart, secure notifications to users about their smartphone transactions, online loan applications and more.

•  Security notifications and education: Show value to your customers and members by sending security notifications about their accounts. You can even send related links to educate them about security features.

•  Tips, education and financial support messaging: Engage your account holders with timely and relevant financial tips, financial support and other educational outreach opportunities.

•   Personalized offers: Data plays a key role in formulating notifications that are based on numerous data points about a user’s financial needs. Did they just receive a debit card from you? Let them know about the cashback offers you have in place with local merchants when they use their new card.


Consumers now expect to have a mobile bank account that’s accessible from anywhere. They expect to be able to manage their personal financial tasks at home, work, school or play. Using digital communications such as push notifications can support your mobile app users directly through their devices. It’s time to take advantage of the spike in mobile banking and communicate with your mobile app users wherever they are.

Ready to get started with push notifications for your mobile banking app? Larky can help. We integrate with your mobile banking app to deliver customized push notification campaigns to proactively engage account holders before they visit a branch or log in to your website. Choose from a pre-built messaging library or create your own messages that will ensure meaningful, lasting connections with your account holders. Chat with us or see Larky in action to learn more!

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