The Psychology Behind Push Notifications

“You’ve got mail!” No matter the generation, and even if they don’t know where it came from, most people are pretty familiar with AOL’s iconic three-word push to stay connected. From the moment the internet appeared, people want to get as much information as possible, as quickly as possible. This trend has evolved past the […]

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Four Ways Push Notifications Can Increase Engagement

The relationships consumers have with their phones say a great deal about how they spend money and how they connect with the outside world. These are critical aspects of engagement for financial institutions to understand. As increasing numbers of account holders use their phones for banking needs, engaging them where they are is essential as […]

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Target Offers to Key Audience Segments

Larky’s nudge® engagement platform helps Financial Institutions rethink two age-old marketing ROI questions: 1) how many of my audience members does my FI reach with its billboard spend? 2) how do I target my creditworthy, qualified consumers with the right loan offer at the right place and time? Larky vs. Billboards. We can help. We’d […]

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Increasing FI Brand Awareness and Loyalty in a Noisy Marketplace

We help FIs achieve greater brand awareness and increase loyalty. Every day, we listen and learn from FIs about their need to promote targeted messages in a noisy marketplace. Here’s an infographic overview of how we help FIs engage with key segments of their audience with right place, right time contextually relevant messaging. Our conclusions […]

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How to re-engage account holders by prioritizing user experience

Increase audience engagement by improving your UX

The experience an account holder has when interacting with the customer service department, an app interface, or a particular product impacts how committed the person is to a financial institution. User experience (UX) refers to the overall feeling an account holder has about his or her financial institution (FI). Therefore, by prioritizing positive UX programs, […]

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Location-driven engagement for every mobile banking app

Larky nudge® - Geo-Targeted. Relevant. Now.

Nudge empowers financial institutions to connect with their audience at the right place and time using targeted geo-notifications. […]

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