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Four Ways Push Notifications Can Increase Engagement

By James Burdine | Nov 13, 2019

The relationships consumers have with their phones say a great […]

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5 Minute Set-up to Send Targeted Messages

By James Burdine | Nov 11, 2019

Larky’s nudge® engagement platform empowers marketers to get up-and-running quickly, […]

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How mobile technology is transforming the financial sector

By James Burdine | Nov 7, 2019

A decade after Apple’s famous “There’s an app for that” […]

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Target Offers to Key Audience Segments

By James Burdine | Oct 30, 2019

Larky’s nudge® engagement platform helps Financial Institutions rethink two age-old […]

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Increasing FI Brand Awareness and Loyalty in a Noisy Marketplace

By James Burdine | Oct 29, 2019

We help FIs achieve greater brand awareness and increase loyalty. […]

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Increase audience engagement by improving your UX

How to re-engage account holders by prioritizing user experience

By James Burdine | Oct 24, 2019

The experience an account holder has when interacting with the […]

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Larky nudge® - Geo-Targeted. Relevant. Now.

Location-driven engagement for every mobile banking app

By James Burdine | Sep 12, 2019

Nudge empowers financial institutions to connect with their audience at the right place and time using targeted geo-notifications. […]

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Skip-A-Pay Success!

By James Burdine | Apr 23, 2019

At Larky, we think a lot about communications at the right time and place. Our latest infographic demonstrates the success from recent client campaigns. […]

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Larky in the News

  • Finovate interviewed Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman to discuss his view on the power of personalization. Hammerman discusses personalization, the importance of tailored one-to-one communication and why implementing a personalized user experience is what's next for community FIs. Read more here
  • Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman joined an insightful panel discussion on The Bank of the Future during the 2019 Finastra Universe Client Conference. We're thrilled to share video of that discussion here.
  • Finastra interviews Larky CMO James Burdine on the community financial institution of the future. He shares his views on using fintech to retain account holders and leveraging data to drive strategic planning.
  • The SPARK.grow podcast interviews Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman on strategic growth, scaling with partners, and pivoting a successful fintech as it evolves.
  • CUbroadcast Live from Filene's big.bright.minds 2019: Mike Lawson interviews Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman on the importance of providing Netflix-like Personalized Experiences for credit union members. Watch the CUBroadcast interview and learn about Hammerman's thoughts on privacy and curated experience for account-holders.
  • Breaking Banks Fintech Podcast: Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman and CMO James Burdine talk loyalty, engagement, and using fintech to build your FI brand in this interview with Jason Henrichs. Breaking Banks is the #1 Global Fintech Podcast with more than 5.5 million listeners from 172 countries. Larky is segment 2, right after the UberMoney interview.
  • CUbroadcast: Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman shines a light on the ROI of right place, right time communication for lead generation and audience loyalty in this interview with Mike Lawson.
  • CU Management: CUES interviews Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman in the August 2019 Imaginative Engagement Strategies study
  • Finastra Appathon: Larky's nudge® achieves top-10 status at Finastra's FinU Fusion Fabric Appathon
  • Finastra: Gregg Hammerman joins The Bank of the Future panel discussion at Finastra's FinU Conference
  • Access Softek: Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman presents at Access Softek's 2019 Client Conference
  • MDC: Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman presents at the Members Development Company conference
  • CUbroadcast: Mike Lawson interviews Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman on Trends in Member Engagement
  • Hoosier Banker Digital: Mobile Customer Engagement – Boost wallet share, loyalty and retention with Larky
  • Filene Research Impact Brief: Larky Pilot: A Mobile Engagement and Rewards Platform
  • Filene: On a Lark with Pokémon Go
  • Tradestreaming: How credit unions are using fintech to build their brands
  • CUNA News: Situationally aware banking apps will help members decide what fits in their budget
  • CU Insight – Filene Research Institute Announces the Launch of a New Mobile App Partnership
  • Finovate Technology Conference – Larky selected to present at financial technology conference. See our 7-minute on-stage presentation
  • CNN Money – Larky selected as one of the top 15 financial sites and apps

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Here's how community FIs use our One-to-One #engagement solution to share info about #hardshiploans and spread hope:

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Larky CEO Gregg Hammerman joined an insightful panel discussion on The Bank of the Future during the @FinastraFS Universe Client Conference.

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Here are 3 ways community FI clients are using the One-to-One Communication functionality of our nudge® #engagement platform to reach #accountholders outside the branch during #covid19

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