How Video Can Help Your FI Connect With Home Audiences

While grappling with everyday activities during the coronavirus outbreak, financial institutions (FI) face a slew of massive challenges. After all, simultaneously complying with physical distancing while maintaining optimal communication with account holders is no simple objective. This situation presents a unique challenge that calls for innovative solutions.

Fortunately, since connecting with audiences seamlessly has been a long-standing goal for community FIs, the solution is readily available: video content.

The Larky nudge platform is designed to help you stay ahead of the curve by integrating mobile geo-notifications and contextually relevant information alongside your robust content. With Larky’s services, you can unlock valuable interactions with your account holders in a host of scenarios by driving your audience to landing pages that feature your video content.

Why choose a video communication solution?

Whether you are dealing with existing or new account holders, your audiences are always looking for a quick and easy way to communicate with your FI.

Using video content provides a simple way for your FI to engage account holders in a relevant medium of communication. In fact, it’s projected that more than 230 million people will view videos by the end of 2020. With recorded content, your audience will appreciate the ability to engage and learn at their own pace (from the convenience of their home).

Additionally, because this type of content is flexible, you can use it to relay compelling information to your audience to meet various goals, such as pitching product positions and establishing your brand messaging.

Through the Larky nudge engagement platform, you can deliver this easily digestible content with a personal connection. By crafting your branding message and audience communication in an effective manner, you can prove relationships are your priority while executing visual-based media to segments of your audience.

Utilize your video communication for a variety of objectives

By utilizing video communication through your day-to-day operations, your FI can effectively interact with your audience to achieve a variety of objectives.

Cutting down on marketing and infrastructure costs

Entertaining your account holders on-premise increases your marketing and infrastructure costs. By turning to visual media, you can create relevant content that answers your account holders’ most frequent questions. This approach provides a cost-effective yet reliable way to minimize time spent on redundant inquiries while helping you focus on other core activities.

Targeted strategic messaging

Using recorded media helps your team members collaborate on the right strategies that are likely to increase account holder retention and deepen your relationships. Team associates can create messaging around compelling programs that capture the attention of your account holders.

These offerings can drive further interaction and increase conversions. As a result, you use your resources smartly while also giving your audience the same benefits in return.

Enhance visibility

By using an engagement solution such as the Larky nudge platform, you can tailor content to certain audience segments. More specifically, creating and disseminating targeted video content for education and marketing goes a long way in strengthening account holder relationships.

Remember that individuals are more prone to share information if it resonates with them. The idea here is to reach account holders with the right messaging at the right time to better appeal to them, and with the quick sharing capabilities of video, you can enhance your visibility beyond individual account holders and reach across various avenues easily.

Financial institutions that are able to nudge their account holders with compelling visual media simplify their relationships by letting account holders consume highly relevant content in a way that matters to them.

Maintain safety precautions

While video has become an essential part of FI operations, it’s more critical than ever in the current situation. Where most FIs struggle to maintain account holder interaction during a pandemic, you can use video to relay information to your audience easily. This approach helps you retain all safety measures without compromising communication.

Take the first step today

The Larky nudge engagement platform is designed to fulfill an FI’s crucial communication needs by delivering the right message to the right account holder at the right place and time.

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