Win Account Holder Loyalty with Mobile Apps

Easy to use, convenient to operate and secure to access, mobile apps transform the way finance information is delivered to account holders by making it available anytime, anywhere. These capabilities are all the more relevant in a post-pandemic world, where apps for financial institutions (FIs) have recorded up to an 85% increase in usage after the coronavirus outbreak.

Mobile apps are a welcome technology in a digital society that’s always on the go. The thought of on-demand account servicing appeals to account holders across the spectrum.

The Larky nudge engagement platform comes with an easy-to-bundle code library that takes your mobile banking app to the next level. By establishing a personalized communication channel with your audience, you can form long-lasting account holder relationships that benefit your FI for years to come.

Convenience, ease and accessibility

Developing next-generation mobile banking solutions helps you cater to your audience’s day-to-day banking needs. This innovation seems like a basic offering but goes a long way in establishing trust and enhancing your brand credibility.

Providing features such as real-time account balances, transaction history and funds transfer encourages your account holders to rely on your FI for their regular needs. When you add even more cutting edge features such as personalized product offerings and geo-location-based lock-screen notifications, it brings more convenience and value to your audiences. Moreover, when you package these solutions into an intuitive interface, you improve the user experience by enhancing ease of use.

Cost-effective, reliable and scalable

Thanks to the availability of white label and custom development solutions, you no longer have to pay a sky-high price to create your FI’s mobile banking app. With highly skilled programming teams and third-party integrations, you can now develop specific yet reliable solutions easily and affordably.

When you develop your mobile app using existing code libraries such as the Larky nudge engagement platform, you can also add features such as segmentation, real-time analytics and personalization at minimal costs. These bundled features maximize account holder functionality while still maintaining your budget.

Secure, safe and trustworthy

Reliable mobile banking applications are built on a foundation of stringent security mechanisms. Such safety precautions allow your app to protect both your FI’s and your account holders’ information.

While end-to-end encryption ensures that only you and any respective account holders can read information exchanged, multifactor authentication adds several layers of verification.

These features help you steer clear of security breaches and maintain your credibility as a trustworthy financial institution. Additionally, according to your needs, you can add more security mechanisms such as fingerprint authorization or real-time text and email alerts to your app. These factors further enhance your security, which, in turn, will only benefit you in terms of account holder trust, satisfaction and loyalty.

What’s next?

The Larky nudge engagement platform can help you optimize your mobile banking app on your terms.

With geolocation and time-based lock-screen notifications, you can connect with your audiences at the right place and the right time, allowing you to enhance the user experience and cultivate account holder loyalty with additional product and service offerings. To discover how Larky’s solutions can help your FI, contact us today.