How Financial Institutions Establish Cohesive Brand Outreach

For any financial institution (FI), meeting the anytime-anywhere needs of account holders must be the top priority to hold their own against competitors. Brand exposure is required to highlight this incremental value and improve account holder loyalty.

This is especially true with the emergence of younger audiences, which has highlighted brand outreach as an essential component for successful FI operations. One of the most effective ways to achieve this objective is by creating a cohesive brand strategy that appeals to millennials and Gen Z audiences just as much as Baby Boomers and Gen X account holders.

A clear brand strategy makes all the difference

If your FI has a succinct brand strategy in place, you can not only follow effective techniques to improve marketing for your credit union or bank, but also make your brand known to your audience.

With the Larky nudge® engagement platform, you can put together brand outreach programs driven by data, powered by audience participation and delivered across various platforms. Through an easy-to-use interface and swift deployment, you can achieve these benefits without any added stress.

Craft your brand messaging to appeal to multiple audience groups by using features such as geographic notifications, social media monitoring and audience assessment. This initiative helps you strike the perfect balance between affirming loyal account holder retention and building fresh audience outreach.

Highlight your products by focusing on your audience

By using the digitally driven services offered by the Larky nudge® engagement platform and learning about your audience through ethical activity monitoring, you can quickly establish a brand strategy that focuses on the audience instead of your products.

This approach helps you cultivate a brand image that puts your account holders front and center through everything you do. It automatically outlines the availability of your products when they need them the most. It also lets you craft subtle yet successful product pitches, which goes a long way toward improving marketing for credit unions and banking institutions.

For instance, you can offer your audience push notifications for auto loans upon their visit to a car showroom, or for mortgages when they walk into a realtor’s office. This personalization tells your account holders that you are there for their every need and helps cement your FI as an audience-focused brand.

Take a multidisciplinary approach to amplify cohesion

In this day and age, when account holders need optimal integration across their financial products, brand cohesion has become synonymous with a multidisciplinary approach. If your brand’s services do not seamlessly translate to multiple platforms, it can create a dichotomy between various audience groups.

With the Larky nudge® engagement platform, you can efficiently achieve omnichannel solutions through third-party partnerships, community support and even branch banking solutions, such as personalized ATM and phone services. This helps you gather your audience data through multiple avenues and gives you a better understanding of how to improve your brand cohesion.

Apart from that, this approach also ensures that you are offering your account holders greater access to your solutions, which makes your FI’s brand as clear as day. In the long run, this variety of offerings also helps you attract different audience groups to your FI.

Whether you represent a credit union or a banking platform, establishing a clear brand image is quite a complex task. But the power of technology can help you accomplish it easily.

The Larky nudge® platform provides a variety of engagement solutions you can use to establish a clear brand image. To see how these solutions can help your FI improve its operations, contact Larky today.