Get a holistic view of millennial and Gen-Z account holder activities

Whether you operate a credit union or a bank, you might be aware of the increasing expectations that modern account holders have for their financial institutions (FIs).

From specific lending solutions to competitive interest rates, today’s financially literate consumers know what they want. To earn their business, community FIs must take a holistic approach to meeting their needs by blending technology with their consumers’ financial world. With the help of purpose-built solutions, you can quickly improve account holders’ engagement and experience with your FI.

The Larky nudge® engagement platform specializes in robust data analysis and targeted user communication. By learning more about specific requirements your account holders have at particular points in time, the platform can help you get a holistic view of their financial needs. You can pitch the right products at the most opportune time, showing your account holders that you are there for them every step of the way.

Monitor account holder interactions

Since a large portion of millennial and Gen Z conversations now takes place on the web, almost every FI now ethically monitors account holder interactions across social media. Doing so gives you a definitive way to understand their needs and identify their concerns. The practice started almost a decade ago, but its advancement and efficacy have made it all the more appealing for FIs across the board.

From looking into account holder satisfaction with your service to tapping into their desire to buy a new car, solutions like the Larky nudge® platform can help you draw a realistic picture of their financial requirements. You can then use the information to cultivate new product offerings, address specific issues and improve overall engagement.

Educate your audience with consistent messaging

Compared to older audiences that have their go-to FIs in place, most younger account holders are still in the process of navigating the financial world. They need resources and objective guidance to find the best community FI that will fulfill their needs and teach them money management skills.

The Larky nudge® engagement platform helps you deliver consistent resources to consumers with the sole purpose of educating them about financial development. This not only helps you outline your value proposition, but promotes objective trust-building. This practice also paves the way for audience retention and lets you strengthen your branding over time.

Drive account holders toward the products they need

Apart from reminding account holders of your presence when they visit specific locations, tools like the Larky nudge® engagement platform also help you deliver notifications about particular products that might interest them. These include but are not limited to credit card rewards, contactless payment initiatives and new lending mechanisms.

These push notifications ensure that the availability of your FI and its solutions stay in the minds of your account holders. As a result, you can easily enhance your chances of obtaining high quality leads for specific products and services.

The Larky nudge® engagement platform is designed to be bundled within your banking or credit union apps and work with your product solutions. The platform comes with easy deployment, fast integration and robust functionality. This improvement gives your FI all the tools it needs to cultivate a strong relationship with its younger account holders.

Technologies that offer an edge in an increasingly competitive world are not nice to have – they’re a necessity. A better understanding of your account holders that helps you retain them is critical when a slew of innovative and quickly growing companies are vying for the attention and savings of the younger banking audience. Remember to build strong relationships by understanding your account holders with insightful tools that add value to your FI today.