Managing Expectations for Push Notifications

The hallmark of mobile marketing campaigns is the push notification. For the uninitiated, a push notification is essentially a message on the lock screen of a mobile device from a company or business that reminds the user of an upcoming event, sale or opportunity.

As more businesses become a part of the digital marketplace, push notifications have become the nouveau method of reaching prospects. In fact, a study found that push notifications resulted in a 61% app retention rate, compared to 28% when push notifications were not enabled. This exemplifies the importance of reaching potential account holders through new and unique methods, as well as using the digital marketplace to keep current account holders appraised of new offerings.

With all the potential growth that comes with push notifications, however, community financial institutions must be diligent yet practical in their messaging. After all, not every notification will lead to a new account holder or product sale. More importantly, push notifications can be overused and annoy account holders if not executed correctly. This is where Larky comes in.

Push notifications shouldn’t be pushy

Account holders will appreciate being invited to learn about new financial products, but they may resent being forced to learn about them. With that in mind, measure the tone and cadence of the notification and use language that piques your users’ interest instead of demanding their compliance. It’s important to tailor the right product to the right account holder to ensure that your audience feels listened to by your FI.

Ultimately, no one wants to be ordered to try a service or pressured into opening an account. It can be quite annoying to receive what is essentially a “command.” Also, decades of spam emails have trained account holders to tune out irrelevant push notifications in the same manner.

Time is of the essence

Not every message is best sent through a push notification. Announcements that are time-sensitive or based on proximity to a business may be better sent through a push notification because the recipient has a small window to react and take advantage of the offer. Push notifications are great for wide broadcast of time-sensitive messages – like branch closures or emergency alerts – at a specific date and time.

Conversely, information that takes time to consider is better sent through emails because it gives the recipient time to digest the information and determine a course of action. A push message should only be an invitation to immediately take advantage of a limited offer. Larky’s nudge® platform provides timely, relevant geo-notifications that offer account holders invitations and persuasive information to increase customer retention.

Entice new and old users alike

Push messages can be part of a campaign to attract new users. For instance, once a person uses an app for the first time, a push notification can welcome them and provide a one-time coupon. After all, who doesn’t want a cool perk for being a new account holder? Similarly, push notifications can be a great way to reward a longtime user with a special gift or recognition. A quick notification of such an award can be the perfect compliment.

By partnering with Larky, you can bring these tips to the forefront of an effective mobile marketing campaign. Larky is an experienced yet nimble business that advises community banks and credit unions about how to maximize their success in the digital marketplace.

The right push takes the right planning. Contact Larky today to see a demo and learn more about how the company’s experts can transform your mobile advertising campaign.