Helping FIs Support Their Communities

As the Larky team talks to to our community financial institution clients, prospects, and strategic partners, we learn new ways in which they are supporting their communities. Here are two examples of FIs using our engagement platform to help their communities during the COVID-19 epidemic:

Branch Operations: If your community FI is located in a state or province where banking has been defined as an essential service, or account holders aren’t under shelter-in-place guidance, you can use a geo-targeted notification to message account holders about which services are available when they pull into a branch location during the shutdown. This might be a notification communicating something like: “Thanks for coming to see us. The Main St. branch has an ATM and drive-through service 9-5 Monday – Friday. Our walk-in is closed until April 6.” If the branch is closed indefinitely due to COVID-19, the message text could let the account holder know the location of the nearest branch with drive-up service.

Local Business Support: We’re working with our clients to increase awareness of the great local businesses to account holders. This could be amplifying an offer for carry-out from a restaurant, a gift card promotion from a local store, or simply information about how you can support a local business. We have created template emails that you can send to your business clients to see how they would like to be featured and will not charge you or them anything to be listed

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